How to reduce the delay

Online games can know different periods of offset, and Valorant is no exception. When players are behind a delay in the game, this can be extremely deliberate because the victory depends on reactions in a fraction of a second and the ability to thwart and thwart an opponent, and speed is everything. When you encounter a gap during your game, here are some steps you can take to reduce this delay.

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The first place you want to visit is in your settings where you can change our graphics settings. You can choose to reduce one of the available options and adjust them accordingly. You can feel free to play with one of the options listed to see if they help solve stuttering problems, loss of packets and if your network connection improves.

After checking your graphics settings, you can access the Statistics tab, which is adjacent to the quality of your graphics. The statistics page allows you to view any parameter to provide you with valuable information about how your hardware communicates with the servers.

You can use this information to see if the problems occur on your side or theirs. If it's on Valorant Servers, you can view the server status page and check the Twitter page to see if the Riot Games developer has announced the problems and started looking for it. The statistics page can also provide you with information about your image frequency per second (FPS).

Another thing you can do to resolve the problem is to restart your computer to delete all the temporary files you may have. If you started playing Valorant immediately after starting your computer, it does not hurt to restart your _Valorant application to try again.

The last thing we suggest to reduce your delay is to make sure you use an Ethernet cable connection while you play. An Ethernet cable will provide the best experience and the most fluid when playing online. For those who need to rely on Wi-Fi, make sure you do not have other devices using the same device if you can.

For those who suddenly undergo significant shift peaks while traditionally playing the game on fluid parameters, see the Riot Twitter page is the best step. The developer generally connects all the problems of connection to his community to ensure that everyone knows that he works on a solution to all the problems that occur.


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